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Botanique Lofts - Alternative living spaces

Riga’s Botanique Lofts is situated in a developing neighborhood of Igluciems, on Jaunsaules street, walking distance away from Riga’s spectacular Botanic Garden. 

The local neighborhood offers some of Riga’s underground bars, fine restaurants, while there are also supermarkets,kindergartens, schools and massive green areas nearby.

A former telephone exchange adapted for contemporary living boasts a huge amount of post- Soviet character.

We are committed to combining cutting-edge designer decisions, innovation, and sustainability. Huge windows let in a lot of light while exposed brickwork and concrete embody the classics of loft architecture.

Although loft living spaces have been widely adopted by representativeness of the creative sector, today the demand from wider social circles, including youth and families with children, is growing day by day. 

A quiet courtyard, a private parking lot and flawless architectural solutions allow add to the perfect picture of the most demanding clients. 

We hope Botanique Lofts will become your ideal home

We tried to avoid moving to completely residentia ldevelopment. Our lofts are perfect for combining the live/work lifestyle, that has already proved a beneficial choice for millions of loft- projects’residents across the world. Botanique Lofts in Riga follow in the footsteps of the best

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Kompānija RVV Baltija nodarbojas ar telpu renovāciju mājokļim un biznesam, apmierinot attīstošās Eiropas megapolises prasības, ņem vērā vēsturiskas pilsētas vides īpatnības. Iedvest jaunu dzīvi un atjaunot, pievēršot maksimālu uzmanību cilvēku vēlmēm pašlaik - ir mūsu devīze.